• Providing ESD protection is critical in the electronics industry.

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD - Electro Static Discharge) is defined as the flow of charges between objects with different electrical potentials.

    Complete ESD protection is essential in the transport, production and storage of electronic components.

  • Antistatic protection
  • Protection of electronic systems against electrostatic discharge in the production plant is ensured by the creation of an EPA (ESD Protected Area) zone.

    ESD protection should also cover the entire production process, from component delivery to final testing and packaging.

  • In the EPA zone, the employee's clothing and furniture structure should be made of materials that provide protection against electric discharge by discharging electrostatic charges to the ground.

    All metal elements of Reeco furniture are painted with a specialized conductive paint during the production process.

    Furniture tops are made of conductive boards covered with ESD laminate that ensures the discharge of electrostatic charges from the surface of the table top to ground.