• The modular structure of Reeco furniture, a full selection of components and a wide range of accessories allow you to easily introduce the principles of ergonomics in the workplace.

    Individual elements can also be used in other modular systems of REECO industrial furniture.

  • Being capable for almost any expansion, Reeco furniture can be used in many industries and in places such as: warehouses, production lines, workshops, laboratories, lecture halls, etc.

    It is possible to create structures individually selected for a given company and any subsequent expansion along with the growing requirements of the customer.


  • Our goal is to create an optimal working area in such a way that the activities performed during work correspond to the natural movements of a human being.

    900 - 1100 mm 850 - 950 mm 700 - 900 mm PRACA STOJĄCA PRACA PRECYZJNA PRACA CIĘŻKA


    Man is the most important element of every workplace. An employee cannot perform his duties effectively if his environment has not been adapted to specific psychophysical properties.

  • The main assumptions of ergonomics relate to the health of employees (elimination of occupational diseases), increasing their job satisfaction and maximizing productivity.


    Our workstations have been designed so that the table top and shelves are always set at the right height with a set of necessary accessories.

    A workplace where all items are within the user's reach is a constant benefit of the company, saving valuable time as well as safety and order.